The past year, with its pandemic challenges, has had some positive offshoots, allowing many in the arts to commence or complete various projects. Alan will be adding three new CD length recordings to his catalog.

  • A full recording devoted to the music of Baroque master Sylvius Leopold Weiss
  • A second in the Golden Century series, ‘Musick to Delight‘ devoted to the lute music of Elizabethan and Jacobean England.
  • Soiree‘, an hour of lighter ‘salon’ music for guitar from the 19th century including works by Giuliani, Sor, Mertz and Shand.

Les Productions d’Oz has recently started a series of publications of John Duarte called “John Duarte Rediscovered” and Alan is delighted that they will now be publishing the excellent piece that Duarte wrote for him. A link to the publication will be added shortly on the “PDF sheet music” sub-page of the “publications/downloads” page.


Ravello records has released three recordings between 2017 and 2021, links to the catalog pages are:

Verdi’s Guitar


Dreams Laid Down


Sylvius Leopold Weiss