Alan is currently working on a number of recording projects including two more CD length programs in the three CD series “The Golden Century” that features music from the 16thcentury for lute and vihuela. 

The Golden Century II” contains French and English lute music and “The Golden Century III“, vihuela music from Spain.

The first of two very exciting recordings include new guitar works written for Alan by John Oliver (  and Michael Karmon.  Oliver’s “Ancient Heroes Suite” makes reference to and develops some well known traditional guitar works. “Dreams Laid Down” by Michael Karmon  was inspired by the poetry of Alan’s wife, Janice Notland.  Six poems from her book of the same title were chosen.  Samples from the recording can be heard on the publications/downloads page of this site. Scores and samples of other compositions are available from his website: www.michaelkarmon.comThe book “Dreams Laid Down” is available from and as an eBook from Amazon books.

The second CD, “Spanish Recital”, includes staples of the Spanish guitar repertoire from the 16th century to the late 20th century and will be released this August.  Liner notes and information about the CD will be posted under ‘albums’ shortly.