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Dreams Laid Down

Janice Notland’s first collection of poetry was inspired while living in a rural home outside of Nelson, British Columbia. Though her love of nature infuses all of her work, the poems in this book range from the intensely personal and introspective to outpourings of universal joy. Her keen-eyed observations of the everyday and the extraordinary evoke memorable images. At the request of Alan Rinehart, California composer Michael Karmon wrote these six wonderful musical impressions of poems from ‘Dreams Laid Down’.  These pieces are included on Alan Rinehart’s CD of the same name which features all new guitar music. For more information on Michael Karmon’s other works visit:

Janice Notland’s poems upon which this music is based can be seen at Poems by Janice Notland

CD samples

Here are samples from some current recordings:

from Spanish Recital

Canarios-Gaspar Sanz

Folias Variations- Fernando Sor

Madronos-Federico Moreno Torroba


from Verdi’s Guitar

Rigoletto ‘revue’ -J.K. Mertz


from Dreams Laid Down

Canarios de Gaspar -John Oliver

Archival Performance Recordings


Variations op. 26 and 2 studies by Fernando Sor (from London debut concert)



Romanze, Song without Words, Tarantella-J.K. Mertz


Fantasia-S.L. Weiss