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NovaScribe Editions is one of the first computerized music publishing companies in Canada. Started in 1987 by Alan Rinehart, it uses the award winning SCORE, the same high quality music typography software as the largest publishing houses.

A publisher of unique and interesting guitar repertoire, NovaScribe Editions is also the label that produces recordings by Alan Rinehart.

NovaScribe Editions has done contract music engraving for individuals and major publishers including the composers Stephen Chatman and Owen Underhill and publishers Editions Orphee  www.editionsorphee.com, Chanterelle Editions and Mel Bay.

Les Productions d’Oz now publishes several of Alan Rinehart’s arrangements.  Please click on the link next to the ‘DZ’ catalogue number to purchase a title. 

Other titles are published by Sheet Music Plus and can be purchased by clicking on the link next to the title.


Guitar Solos

Duarte, John W.               In Honorem Ioanni Doulandi op.97 (DO1376)

This work, written for and premiered by Alan Rinehart, is a challenging set of variations and a fantasia based on John Dowland’s Melancholy Galliard with references to other of Dowland’s lute works throughout. The World premiere recording is featured on Musical Banquet NS202.

@ 12 minutes



Gibson, Richard               Cantilena     (n.s.111)

Written in 1984 for Michel Cardin, Cantilena is an extended work using the full palette of guitar colours to create a symphonic effect.

@ 15 minutes



Feingold, David               Three Etudes (n.s.112)

West Coast performer and composer presents three short studies in an appealing contemporary format.

@ 6 minutes


Holborne, Anthony          Prelude and Fantasia (n.s.109)
Two Elizabethan works for the bandora, a metal strung cousin of the lute, filled with interesting counterpoint and textural change. Featured on Musical Banquet NS202

@ 4 minutes

free PDF download:     Holborne Prelude and Fantasia NS109


Locatelli, Pietro               Variations     (n.s. 108)   
(transcribed for lute by J.B. Hagen (1720-1787)

A theme and four variations by one of the high Baroque period’s finest violinists in a transcription by a well known lutenist from the generation after Weiss.

@ 8 minutes

Locatelli Variations


Holiday special free PDF download:



Guitar Quartet (including parts)

All quartet works are for four standard classical guitars. All ensemble selections include a score and parts unless otherwise indicated.(items with fingered guitar parts are marked with an # )

Bach, J.S.                         Suite in D (Orchestral Suite #3) * (GES103)

ouverture, air, gavottes 1&2, bourée, gigue

Suite in D


Bizet, Georges                       Carmen Suite   (selections from the opera)

Carmen Suite


Dvorak, Antonin               Five Bagatelles op.47   DZ2581  

Les Productions d’Oz ‘Five Bagatelles op. 47’


Guami, Gioseffo               Canzon (#22)  (GES101)



Holst, Gustav                    St.Paul’s Suite  DZ2588  

jig, ostinato, intermezzo, finale (dargesson)

Les Productions d’Oz ‘St. Paul’s Suite’


Moszkowski, Mauritz       Five Spanish Dances op.12  (GES115)

Recorded by the Vancouver Guitar Quartet on their CD Estampas VGQCD98882

@15 minutes

Five Spanish Dances op.12


Mouret J.J.                        Rondeau (Masterpiece Theatre Theme) (GES102)


Mozart, W.A                     Serenade K.525 (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) (GES109) 

allegro, romanze, minuetto, rondo

Serenade K. 525 ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’


Rameau, J. P.                     Dances from the opera ‘Dardanus’*    DZ2591 

Les Productions d’Oz ‘Dardanus’


Telemann, G.P.                Concerto in G * (GES114)


Vivaldi, Antonio                Concerto in D (originally in D for lute and orchestra) (GES116)

Vivaldi Concerto in D


Vivaldi, Antonio                Concerto in Em (originally in Em for Bassoon and orchestra) (GES110)

Vivaldi concerto in Em


Guitar in ensemble

Flute/violin with Guitar

Elgar, Edward                Three Pieces op.15 (GES104)

Chanson de Nuit, Chanson de Matin, Salut d’Amour


Sarasate, Pablo de           Playera (GES105)



Rachmaninoff, Sergei      Vocalise op. 34 #14 (GES106)